Small Business

Total: 66
Grants to Waltham, Massachusetts Non-Profits & Others for Urban Social Services & Facilities
Conference Date: 10/27/14
Deadline: 12/19/14

Grants to Waltham, Massachusetts non-profits, government agencies, and private for-profit entities for projects that develop viable urban communities through social services and capital projects. Applicants may request a one-on-one technical assista...

Grant to a USA Student Entrepreneur to Help Launch an Innovative Business Idea
Conference Date: 11/19/14
Deadline: 01/05/15

Grant to a USA student entrepreneur for support in launching an innovative product or service that will impact the business world. An information session will be held on November 19. Young, university enrolled or recently graduated entrepreneurs wil...

Grants to USA & International Institutions & Companies for Alzheimer's Treatment Testing
Deadline: 12/05/14
LOI Date: 11/21/14

Grants to USA and international research institutions, academic medical centers and universities, and biotechnology companies to increase the number of innovative drugs tested in humans for Alzheimer’s disease, related dementias and cognitive agin...

Grant to a New York Business or Non-Profit to Verify Reliability of Local Scoring on Standardized Tests
Conference Date: 11/26/14
Deadline: 12/19/14

Grant to a New York business or non-profit to rescore standardized mathematics and ELA tests administered to students in grades 3-8. November 26 is the deadline to submit questions. Awardee will select a representative sample to tests to rescore c...

Grants to Wake County, North Carolina Non-Profits & Businesses to Decrease Waste & Promote Recycling
Deadline: 11/28/14

Grants ranging from $500 to $10,000 to Wake County, North Carolina commercial, industrial and institutional organizations and non-profits agencies looking to increase their involvement in waste prevention efforts and decrease the amount of waste sen...

Grants to Alberta, Canada Organizations, Individuals to Promote Tourism & Community Development
Deadline: 11/28/14

Grants totaling $3,000 to Northwestern Alberta, Canada groups, individuals, organizations, and other community entities for activities and events that promote tourism and economic and community development in the Berwyn area. These events and activi...

Grants to Pennsylvania Businesses for New Commercial Signage
Deadline: 11/30/14

Grants of up to $750 to Pennsylvania businesses along the Great Allegheny Passage to purchase and install custom-made, locally-produced signs that reflect the special nature of each participating business. Funding is intended for on-premises permane...

Grants to British Columbia, Canada Organizations for Festivals in New Westminster
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants to British Columbia, Canada organizations based in New Westminster to support existing and new festivals in the community. These could be neighborhood initiatives, events within specific areas or citywide or regional events. Events must align...

Grants to Provincetown, Massachusetts Non-Profits, Individuals & Other Organizations to Promote Off-Season Tourism
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants to Provincetown, Massachusetts non-profit organizations, individuals, businesses and municipal departments for special off-season projects, events and promotions with the potential to attract tourists from out of town. The purpose of these gr...

Grants to Nevada County, California Organizations & Individuals to Promote Healthy Early Childhood Development
Deadline: 01/20/15
LOI Date: 12/03/14

Grants starting at $5,000 to Nevada County, California non-profits, individuals, groups, government agencies, religious organizations, service clubs, community groups and for-profit organizations to support families and promote the healthy developme...

Grants to Fernley, Nevada Local Organizations to Develop & Promote Tourism Opportunities
Deadline: 12/03/14

Grants to Fernley, Nevada non-profits, government agencies, businesses and other local entities for programs and activities that develop, promote, and improve tourism within the City. Projects should identify a specific target market, and offer a sp...

Grants to Taylorsville, Utah Non-Profits & Local Agencies for Community Development Benefitting the Disadvantaged
Deadline: 12/05/14

Grants to Taylorsville, Utah non-profits, for-profits and government agencies for activities to address the greatest community development needs and primarily benefit low- and moderate-income families. Goals of this program are to provide decent hou...

Grants to New York City Organizations to Help Students Gain Access to Post-Secondary Education
Conference Date: 12/05/14
Deadline: 01/08/15

Grants to New York City agencies to provide services at specific sites to assists students in overcoming obstacles that impede them from progressing toward graduation and successful post-secondary experiences. The pre-proposal conference will be hel...

Grants to Nebraska Non-Profits, Businesses, Others for Wildlife Observation & Nature-Based Activities
Deadline: 12/10/14

Grants of up to $3,000 are available to Nebraska non-profits, businesses, and others for programs that develop opportunities for residents to enjoy the natural environment through wildlife observation and other nature-based activities. Proposals mus...

Awards to Canada Municipalities, Individuals & Organizations for Cultural Programming
Deadline: 12/12/14

Awards of $1,000 to Canada individuals, private businesses, organizations, groups, and municipalities for outstanding contributions through arts and cultural programs affiliated with the funding source's nation-wide event. Award categories include, ...

Grants to Montana Tourism Businesses & Non-Profits to Improve Digital Marketing & Promotion
Deadline: 12/12/14

Grants to Montana tourism businesses and non-profits in order to facilitate their ability to compete in the digital marketplace. Eligible proposals serve to promote Montana as a tourist destination and foster economic development within the State. ...

Grants to Lombard, Illinois Organizations for Programs & Events to Attract Non-Resident Tourists
Deadline: 12/19/14

Grants to Lombard, Illinois organizations for local programs and events that promote tourism and conventions or attract overnight nonresident visitors. Funds are intended to promote the Village of Lombard as a travel destination to potential visitor...

Grants to Maryland Non-Profits, Public Agencies, Businesses & Individuals to Advance the Use of Clean Energy
Deadline: 12/19/14

Grants starting at $50,000 to Maryland non-profits, businesses, government agencies, electric companies and residents to deploy innovative, early-commercializations stage energy generation (electric or thermal) systems that result in additional rene...

Grants to Massachusetts Employers & Organizations for Employee Training Programs and Activities
Deadline: 12/31/14

Grants to Massachusetts businesses, employers, training organizations, labor organizations, and intermediaries that are seeking funds for investment in employee training. These grants are intended to provide resources to employers to better train t...

Rebates to Kentucky Food Services Promoting State Produce & Other Agriculture-Based Products
Deadline: 12/31/14

Rebates of up to $12,000 are available to Kentucky restaurants, food services, and schools purchasing Kentucky products and agriculture for use in their establishments. Eligible products must have farm gate value - whole foods purchased directly fro...

Grants to Maine Non-Profits, Agencies, Others for Family Planning Support to Low-Income Residents & Others
Deadline: 12/31/14

Grants to Maine non-profits, government agencies, and others to provide family planning services to all those who are interested, with priority to low-income families. Services to be provided include clinical family planning and related preventive h...

Grants to Delaware Non-Profits, Agencies, Others for Family Planning Support to Low-Income Residents & Others
Deadline: 12/31/14

Grants to Delaware non-profits, government agencies, and others to provide family planning services to all those who are interested, with priority to low-income families. Services to be provided include clinical family planning and related preventiv...

Grants to California Non-Profits, For-Profits, & Governments for Women & Infant Health
Deadline: 12/31/14

Grants ranging from $500 to $3,000 to California non-profits, for-profits, and government agencies seeking financial assistance for small-scale projects or programs that address the health needs and concerns of pregnant women, mothers, and their inf...

Grants to Lauderdale County, Mississippi Non-Profits & Others to Promote Events that Attract Overnight Tourists
Deadline: 01/01/15

Grants to Lauderdale County, Mississippi non-profits and other organizations to promote and host events that bring overnight visitors to the City of Meridian. The program is intended to promote Meridian and to stimulate the local economy through t...

Grants to Alabama Agencies, Non-Profits, & Others for Programs Fostering Discussions of the Humanities
Deadline: 02/15/15
LOI Date: 01/18/15

Grants of up to $8,500 to Alabama non-profits, schools, universities, government agencies, and others for a variety of programs and events related to discussions of humanities topics. January 18, 2015 is the deadline to submit a preliminary applicat...

Awards to New Jersey Individuals & Organizations for Contributions to the Arts
Deadline: 01/30/15

Awards to Bernards Township, New Jersey individuals and organizations for demonstrating exemplary leadership in and dedication to the fine and performing arts. Nominations are accepted for artists, professionals, educators, volunteers, non-profits, ...

Grants to California Organizations to Improve Air Quality by Reducing Vehicle Miles
Deadline: 04/24/15

Grants of up to $2,000 to California organizations, businesses, public agencies and schools for projects that provide an air quality benefit in Yuba and Sutter Counties through reducing vehicle miles either directly or through education programs. Ap...

Grants to Maryland Non-Profits, Businesses, Public Agencies for Purchase of Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Deadline: 05/08/15

Subsidies of up to $20,000 per vehicle will be provided in the form of vouchers to Maryland non-profits, public agencies, and businesses to purchase alternative fuel vehicles. Vouchers will be provided on a first-come first-served basis until 4:00 P...

Grants to Alaska Non- and For-Profits Facilitate Community Growth & Development
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to qualified non- and for-profits to facilitate the development, growth, continuance and enhancement of community-based programs and services in Bethel, Alaska. There are four different grant opportunities: bridge, capital, operating and busi...

Grants for Economic Development in New York State
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants for economic development are available to organizations and businesses in New York State. There are two different grant programs that share a goal of creating or retaining jobs, thereby reducing unemployment and increasing business activity. ...

Loans to Support Small Businesses in New Hampshire
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $500,000 are available in the form of loans and training to help self-employed persons and small-business owners in New Hampshire become more resilient and secure. The purpose of these loans is to support the creation ...

Grants for Workplace Safety in Israel
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are being awarded for projects that raise the level of safety and help prevent accidents at workplaces in Israel. Applicants should aim to develop novel projects in research, intervention, information/training or product testing that help pro...

Internship Program in Israel for Jewish Individuals from Abroad
Deadline: Ongoing

Internship opportunities are being provided in a variety of different areas to Jewish young adults from abroad to gain valuable work experience in Israel and explore the possibility of moving to Israel. Individuals with proven academic or work exper...

Grants to Further Jewish Professional, Cultural, and Religious Development
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded to members of the Jewish international network of activists and change makers working to further projects and achieve professional goals. Grants are broken up into the following categories: Jewish Learning Gra...

Defibrillator Distribution Program South Dakota
Deadline: Ongoing

Opportunity for non profit organizations in South Dakota to receive a free Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for the workplace. The device is meant to be used in and in and around work facilities where it has the potential to save lives. Each l...

Employee Training Grants for Florida Businesses
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $50,000 are available to Florida businesses to upgrade employees' skills. Businesses in operation for at least one year with at least one full time employee can take advantage of this opportunity to provide education and training for...

Grants to USA & International Non-Profits to Positively Impact Global Communities
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants will be awarded to non-profit organizations in multiple USA states and international for projects and programs that make a positive difference in communities. Both USA and international philanthropic investments are directed toward three cent...

Grants for Innovative Cancer Research, Genetics, Inhibitor Therapies, Immunology, and Early Detection.
Deadline: Ongoing

Ongoing grants are available to any geographic locality around the world for innovative research in cancer, notably research in the fields of inhibitor drug therapies, genetics, immunology and early detection. In your inquiry, please provide as much...

Matching Grants for Programs that Provide Free Bicycle Helmets to Texas Children
Deadline: Ongoing

Matching grants will be awarded in Texas to community organizations, schools, physicians, county medical societies, medical students, and/or local alliance chapters for programs that provide free bicycle helmets to Texas children. The program aims t...

Grants for Wyoming Programs that Provide Training to New and Existing Employees
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants will be awarded to Wyoming-based business and training entities to help them provide training for employees in fields where there are a shortage of skilled workers. This Fund has established three different types of grants that address workfo...

Donations & Sponsorships to USA Non- & For-Profits for Literacy, Arts, and Education Programming
Deadline: Ongoing

Donations to USA non-profit organizations that offer high-quality programs and projects focusing on literacy, the arts, and/or education for children and youth in grades pre-K through 12. The corporation will consider requests for donations from or...

Advertising Grants for Kentucky Establishments Promoting Kentucky Agricultural Products
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $12,000 to Kentucky restaurants, farms, farmers' markets, and other establishments for the direct promotion of Kentucky agricultural products and processed food for use in their establishments and for resale. Eligible applicants can ...

Grants to Kentucky Small Farm Wineries for Advertising to Promote Grape & Wine Products
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Kentucky small farm wineries that are seeking funds for advertising to promote their grape and wine products. This grant program provides a 50% reimbursement of total expenditures for approved marketing projects, such as: (a) internet, pr...

Grants to Licensed Kentucky Wine Wholesalers for Distributing Wine Products of Small Farm Wineries
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants in the form of reimbursements for up to $20 per each distributed case to licensed Kentucky wine wholesalers seeking funds for the distribution of wine products of licensed Kentucky small farm wineries. The wholesaler is not required to undert...

Grants to Kentucky Producers for Third Party Good Agricultural Practices Audits
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $1,250 to Kentucky producers that are promoting and advertising Kentucky Proud products and are completing a third party Good Agricultural Practices audit. These grants are intended to provide reimbursements of up to 50% of invoiced...

Grants to Montana Municipalities to Stimulate Economic Development
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are available to local Montana government agencies in order to provide financing for businesses that can create or retain jobs for low and moderate income individuals and for other activities that promote economic development. Specifically, ...

Grants to Montana Businesses to Train Employees for Newly Created Jobs
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Montana businesses that are seeking funds to provide education or skills-based training for employees in newly created full-time and part-time jobs. This workforce training grant program is targeted at projects that can demonstrate tangib...

Grants to Missouri Non-Profits & Others for Historic Preservation in Springfield & Greene County
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $5,000 to Missouri non-profits, for-profits, individuals, state/local government agencies, and education institutions working to preserve historical and/or architecturally significant sites or structures in Springfield and Greene Cou...

Grants for Projects that Support Arts, Historic Preservation or King County Heritage in Washington
Deadline: Ongoing

Awards of up to $1,500 will be given in Washington to groups and individuals that may not have equitable access to the arts, heritage, or preservation opportunities due to income, geography, age, physical abilities, race or ethnicity, for projects t...

Grants to California Non-Profits & Others for Waste Prevention Projects in Alameda County
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 to Alameda County, California non-profit organizations, schools, private firms, and individuals proposing innovative and creative waste prevention projects that will: (a) Increase individual and community involve...